Renew your expired car license

I had the unfortunate experience of finding out my car license expired about 2 weeks ago on the 28th, I never  received a notice and i’m stuck in a different Province.

I planned to go to the Free State on from the 19th and we all know how many speedcops there are on the N3…. So i worried.

Luckily I phoned the people at the nearest License Center and they had some great news….. “No worries just come in with your ID and proof of residence and fill in the green form (Car License Renewal)“. So Thursday morning after being a while at work i left for the License Center in Nelmapius Avenue.

I got there at about 10:20 and got out at about 10:45. The people was competent and friendly and helped everyone very quickly.

So long story, Renewing your license is not that big a headache…. if you know what to do, just remember your vehicle info and your personal info.

Cheers drive save.

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