Easter Bunny

A large creature from the forest of Babalon, Who sneeks into houses and lays eggs everywhere secretly. in the morning everyone must try to find them before they hatch and start feeding on the flesh of small children.

The Easter Bunny is coming tonight you know what that means stock up on your weapons!

the act of sticking hot hard boiled eggs in ones ass and launching them for distance.

We played easter bunny and now my rusty muffler is killing me !!

Easter Bunny, often referred to an imaginary character which delivered easter eggs to children also refers to the rabbit eaten at the time of Easter. A long tradition carried out by generations of Europeans where Rabbits (of any species) are roasted, usually alive, to be consumed as a sacrifice to celebrate Jesus Christ.

“Say Steve, have you got your Rabbit ready for Easter yet?”
“That be a fine specimen of Hare for that there luncheon, Easter Bunny sure tastes good!”

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