Little steps to big change.

Small and seemingly insignificant actions, when habitualized, add up to dramatic change.

Each night, while watching television, my father fixes himself a bowl of ice cream. His sundae contains 3 or 4 scoops of ice cream – about 450 calories. One bowl of ice cream as a special treat isn’t a big deal. But repeating that bowl each and every night can have dramatic consequences over the course of one year. In this case, 164,250 consequences in the form of 164,250 calories (which is the equivalent of almost 48 pounds of human fat). Small actions, repeated over and over again, have big consequences. And altering those small repetitive actions leads to big change.

Fortunately, this same principle holds true for exercise.

If you go to the gym once, you won’t see a change. If you go to the gym two or three times a week for a month, you still probably won’t notice a difference. If, however, you are persistent, and exercise regularly for 3 or 4 months, you’ll start to notice a difference in your health and body. The individual trips to the gym – which in and of themselves are small and seemingly insignificant – add up to a big change over the course of time.

If you are willing to make a commitment to fitness, and if you are able to make exercise a habit (rather than an option or possibility), then you will likely succeed in manifesting the changes you desire. This persistence is really the key to success in fitness. It’s the hardest part; everything else is easy.

Whatever you habitualize, be it eating ice cream or hitting the gym, will have dramatic ramifications on your life. Habitualize wisely!

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