TOP TV ?????

What is TOP TV and what is it all about?

On May 1st a competitor to DSTV is being launched.

Does anyone know what kind of channels they have?

The price seems to be very good, but what about the content.

Hopefully MultiChoice gets there SHIT together and give the people some choice in what they want to view….. Their name is MULTI Choice for crying out loud. But maybe their name has a hidden meaning. or Multiple meaning.

MULTI = this might be the MULTIple prices that you have to pay for KAK channels.

CHOICE = this might be the lack of CHOICE.

SO….. the name MultiChoice might mean paying a lot of money for something you did not choose.

But enough for the crackdown on DSTV…. What will TOP TV offer us.

Would you be able to choose your own channels and pay R5 – R10 per channel.

That is choice. the price might even be less per channel, i mean how many people watch all the channels that you have, why not buy the 5 channels you would actually watch instead of a new bouquet of 25 channels consisting of 24 KAK channels that you will never watch on purpose.

But hey that is just my opinion.

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