Word of the Day

Weapons of Mass Destruction

a general term used to describe nonexistant items. Similiar to the unicorn, Tooth Fairy, Loch Ness Monster or contents of Al Capone’s vault.

Iraq has many weapons of mass destruction.

The excuse of choice for any non-democratic deployment of force.

We have sufficient proof that Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction – like that rock, for inctance…see how it just sits there, watching, waiting…and them BANG! ZOOM! Right in the kisser…I will not wait for that to happen. I must do the right thing and kill off hundreds of thousands of innocent people at once…so as to free Iraq.

A most foul smelling fart that can peel paint from the walls, cause women to faint, small children and animals to die, and clear entire stadiums.

Man, that burrito I ate last night made me drop some WMD’s , weapons of mass destrution. Done cleared out the village.

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