Holiday Weight Loss Tips: Lose Weight During the Holidays

Those fattening foods, delicious deserts, and calorie laden cookies, call your name during the holiday season. They are hard to ignore when you go to all of the holiday parties and family get-togethers. If you want to lose or maintain weight loss that is exactly what you must do!

If I just have one desert it won’t hurt me much; will it? Well, if you can’t control your urges to cheat you could be doomed to gain or put all your weight back on. A cookie a day could add up to several pounds over the course of a month. So how do you maintain or lose weight during this temptation time of the year?

Never Skip Meals

This is always a disaster waiting to happen. The consensus in the nutrition field is that you should split your total calories over 3-5 meals a day. If you starve yourself your body will go into conservation mode and will store what you eat as fat. Secondarily you will be hungry and want to overeat. Lastly when you are tempted at that party would you rather feel full and satisfied; or so hungry you will eat everything there?

Eat Before the PartyThat leads to my next point. Snack on something good for you before the party. High fiber filling foods are a good choice here. Once you get at the event make good choices in the food line. Fill up on the salads and vegetables and only take limited amounts of anything that looks fattening; or better yet skip over those foods.

Don’t stand near the food! Keep yourself busy visiting with friends and don’t hang out where you can graze on the food all night long. Also drink plenty of low-calorie liquids.

Drink Lots of Water

Water should be a no brainer for you. Water is essential to your weight loss efforts. It has zero calories and will fill up your stomach. A full stomach suppresses your appetite and helps you be successful in your fat burning efforts.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise helps keep your metabolism fired up and keeps the fat burning process moving forward. Walking is fine; anything more intense is great. Try and find an activity that will make your exercise efforts fun. During the cold weather indoor activities are the better choice, unless you live near a ski resort. Volleyball, basketball and racquetball are a few suggestions. The treadmill and a book or a near by TV will work as well. Don’t let the cold weather be an excuse to not exercise.

Need More Help?

If you are frustrated and just can’t seem to get on track don’t despair. Fat burning tips is my specialty. For more suggestions on burning fat, losing weight and maintaining that loss; please read on below.

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