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WFH – 1.2 Placing Ads

In order for anyone to respond to you about this work-at-home opportunity, you must place an ad on the Internet, again, similar to the one you responded to.

Create a free ad banner at http://www.addesigner.com or use one of the classified ad samples from the Reference Sites Section below.

You can also place your ads on Yahoo and Google. Google is by far the best and will increase your profits by 10 fold, however if you do not know what you are doing it could be costly, so ask if you are not sure, the following link will take you to where you can find out more about what you need to make R 1,000-00 a day, please read the report, it is well worth it.


You may need to retype it and put it into your own words. Below are some sample ads to give you an idea.

There are literally thousands of sites you can place your ads for FREE!

(Traffic, link, and banner exchange sites, free classified ad sites, etc.) Remember, the more ads you place, the more exposure you will have. You do NOT have to create a website to start placing ads.

You can receive applications and/or work histories and resumes via email. (See, once you place your ads, clients will find you for this work-at-home opportunity. You do not have to do any cold selling or recruiting!)

The ads we provide to you below speak for themselves. Your email inbox will start filling up, but only if you start placing ads right away.

This is THE most essential step in your training. I cannot stress this enough.

Run a search in any major search engine like Google.com or Yahoo.com for

“free job postings” or “free work sites”, and that should give you more than enough to get started with.

When you’re on those sites, always look at their “links” and this will give you opportunity for more sites. Each site will walk you through the process of placing your own ad.


REMEMBER: Typing Ads Online IS Typing and Entering Data Online and filling out the various classified ad site forms IS typing and filling out database forms.

This is exactly what was advertised and what you responded to. You see, there is no selling or recruiting. The ONLY thing that you will be doing is typing advertisements and filling out the forms to register, and then sending out email response letters to the applications that you will receive from interested clients.

Samples of both the classified ad copy and the response letter copy are provided to you below. You will have to copy, paste and save these samples to your computer, so that you can edit as you wish and send them to interested clients after they have responded to your initial ads.

They will come to you; you will NOT have to go out and find them! Some classified ad sites will require you to register with them. You will need to do this to post your ads.

The personal information that you provide to the websites will not be in your ad unless you want it to be. You can then begin processing email applications that you will receive as a result.

You will definitely get responses, and you will definitely be processing orders right away if you follow these simple instructions! When I got started, I got responses four hours after I placed my first ad. Believe me; everyone’s mailboxes are always full.

Use the examples in Reference Sites Section below as a guideline for the advert you will place. Design it the way you want to, and PUT IT INTO YOUR OWN WORDS!

Good luck and start placing the ads as soon as possible and at as many places you can find!!!