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WFH – 2. Getting Paid

Okay, you’ve posted your jobs, you’ve responded to your clients with an initial response letter telling those more about the work-at-home data entry/home typing training position.

Let them know that all of their questions will be answered in the Training Materials and that there is a guarantee that they will make back what they put into it, the very first time they process an email application (which is the truth).

Okay, lets move on.

Start by asking yourself this one simple question, “How much is my time and information worth?”

You need to decide what to charge for your time and effort that you will be putting towards your home business.

This is entirely up to you. You will spend a few hours a week to process, request, and work the business. So think that through before deciding how much you will charge.

Would you be willing to spend “X” amount of Rands to become a home business owner? You can either be paid by direct cash deposit, EFT or cheque, as you wish.

Work From Home Scam – Training Manual

Hi All,

I recently received this WFH Scam “Training Manual” from a contact of mine and i thought i would share this “Training Manual” with everyone.

This will be the first post in a series of snippets from the training manual.


Welcome to

Best Job at Home

Training Manual

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for joining Best Job at Home!

This training manual will teach you how to have your own successful business via the Internet. Read your manual thoroughly. Its as easy as 1,2,3.

Please dont hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, or need any assistance.?



1. Getting Started

1.1 Create a new email address

1.2 Placing Ads

1.3 Response Letters

2. Getting Paid

3. Tax Responsibility

4. Tips

5. Templates

5.1 Sample Ads

5.2 Sample Response Letters

6. Reference Site


1. Getting You Started

To get you started earning money TODAY; we have some simple steps for you to follow.

Your first steps are to place advertisements (classified and banner ads, traffic website exchange links, etc.) similar to the one you responded to.

This simple advertising campaign WILL get you started working right away, filling out various database forms and processing applications using your data entry and typing skills online.

You can start EARNING MONEY for yourself from your own home!


As you can see there is still a lot of info to come… so stay tuned in

Work from home – SCAM

Hi all,

I did a little private investigation regarding WORK FROM HOME schemes.

Over the course of the week I will be making a series of posts regarding Work From Home Scams.

Everyone always needs a little extra money, or a job that they can do from home while looking after the kids.

But please be careful, there are a lot of SCAMS out there, if your gut tells you its wrong…. LISTEN TO IT.

There usually is no easy way to make money, if it is easy it’s usually wrong.

So if you are interested in joining one of the “Work from home schemes”, read this first because it might save you some money.